Movies by Benjamin Hjort - benjaminhjort
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The doctor and the nurse - mountain medics part 1

A poor Nepali doctor and a Norwegian nurse team up in Kathmandu to lead a medical and climbing expedition to an unclimbed peak in central Nepal. On their way to the summit they help local people, and meet new challenges. Suddenly, on the climb, something unexpected happens, and they have to solve the problem through the way they have helped the local people towards the summit.

Original Title: Medisindamene
Director: Fabelaktiv AS and Arild Halvorsen
Producer: Terje Nilsen
Script:Terje Nilsen and Benjamin Hjort
Camera:Benjamin Hjort
Editing: Pål Bratås
Still Photographer: Benjamin Hjort
Sound: Rune Pedersen
Duration: 49 Min
Language: Norwegian and English
Subtitles: English
Year of completion: 2014