We have seen a lot of smashing nature photos from the Faroe Islands, but few action sports photos. Few people have told about skiing there. This potential is a big temptation for us. With a rough winter coming in, we hope that the mountains could have snow so we could ski it. During the winter 2014 we will like to feel it, write about it, and share it with people around the world through magazines and movies. We will like to travel around on the islands and search for good ski locations mixed with a truly amazing nature. We hope to spend one week on the islands to take spectacular photos and shoot a short movie. We are a small team of professional skiers and one professional photographer. For more than 10 years we have been traveling and working together on ski project around world. Visiting places like Iran, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Canada, Romania, The Alps and of course Norway. Through all these journeys we have developed skills to work for a command goal, deliver good result and make people exited about the place we visit. We love skiing, but also what places could offer more than skiing. Like fishing, paddling tradition food, horseback riding, local games, boat tours, folk festivals and specifics things from each place. This is very often the reason why we like to visit new exotic places and it makes the whole story different and unique.

Previous projects:

Fjord Norway

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